Smith Prospect Research

 Helping Nonprofits Cultivate Donor Relationships

Fundraising is more than just asking for money.

Successful organizations constantly keep abreast on previous contributors, identify new funding sources, and build relationships with potential donors. Doing this requires a great amount of research and data analysis. This is where Prospect Research comes in.

What is Prospect Research? 

Prospect Research is primarily used to research major gift donors.  It allows an organization to discover potential donors and become more educated on current supporters. With it, organizations know which potential donors to cultivate, their giving potential, and their giving history. It also enables organizations to tap into unknown or under utilized resources.

Prospect Research helps organizations assess how promising a prospective donor is, their inclination to give to your organization, and how much they could potentially give.

Prospect Research is like having your very own fundraising private detective!

Some questions that prospect research helps answer are:

  • What is the giving potential of a prospective donor?
  • Is this person a good candidate to make a significant proposal to?
  • How do I find potential donors in our huge mailing list?
  • Who should I invite to our exclusive event?
  • How much did someone give last year to charity?
  • What types of charities do they give to?
  • Could they give a stock donation?
  • Do they serve as a board member anywhere?
  • Do they have an interest in our type of organization?
  • Do we have any current donors who are capable of giving more?
  • Who should we devote more/less time on cultivating?
  • Who are new donors we could be introduced to?
  • Are we "under-asking?"